Convert HEIC / HEIF Files In Bulk

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You can click on converted images to download individually or you can download all images in a zip file.

How It Works?

HeicJPG converts your files in your device so no image data uploaded to a remote server. All your images stays in your device. Because of that conversion and downloading is fast.

What Is HEIC File?

HEIC or High Efficiency Image File Format is an image format standard that is used by Apple devices such as iPhone after IOS 11. This file format, as of now is not widely supported on the internet. For example if you want to share an HEIC image on the Instagram, you need to convert it to a suitable format first.

Apple's iPhone and iPad take photos in the HEIF image format by default. These photos have the HEIC file extension. You can view these files in Windows 10 or Windows 11 in just a few clicks—or you can convert them to standard JPEGs and view them anywhere.